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Ideas to tackle Tesco

posted Sep 16, 2011 23:01:10 by goddessfluff
Okay, so we have the website up and running. We would love it if people could contribute some ideas here as to ideas as to how to tackle the development

Fingers crossed for your good ideas!!!
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goddessfluff said Sep 16, 2011 23:12:18
I'm tired now and apologise for the repeated use of the word 'idea'!
alanwhicker99 said Sep 19, 2011 22:26:22
I fully support this campaign. Unless they have lots of 3 for 2 offers on vegetables, then you can all go to hell.
LynneThompson said Oct 02, 2011 22:09:16
@alanwhicker99 - you'll be lucky. Tesco don't do the good offers at little stores like this one .... so no hell for us and a continuation of your support I presume?
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